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From the film industry to the ball-pits of Google, I’ve spent my career learning interesting skill-sets and being inspired by those I work with. Below is a short selection of projects taken from the last few years. 


Leading the in-house design team for the Google Social Marketing Department UK. 


Freelancing for Penguin Publishing marketing team for the last six years. With multiple award winning campaigns.


A start-up focused on creating the next-generation of communication. Utilizing Augmented Reality.


A social campaign for BBC Icons where viewers could vote for the most influential scientist, activist, artists, leaders and sports person.


A massive social campaign for Google+ and most of the Premiership Football teams.


My entry into the creative industries working on Feature films at MPC.


I’m Liam Jackson, a Senior Designer with a broad career since 2007, spanning gaming, film VFX, and Graphic Design roles at startups and giants like YouTube and Google. I’ve led design teams in marketing and UI/UX and currently freelance with Penguin Publishing, creating motion-graphics for their marketing campaigns.

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